The Albatross

I am Tom Stoltman.
I have been training since the age of 16 and started strongman at 18!
I fell in love the sport instantly.
My first comp was Scotland's Strongest Man at the age of 18 where I came 5th. From that day I wanted to be the best in the world.
I've got quite a few accomplishments, but my best ones are:
2nd place at World's Strongest Man 2020
2x Scotland's Strongest Man
2nd Britain's Strongest Man 2020
Current World Record holder for the Atlas Stone run
5th place at World's Strongest Man 2019.
3rd place at World's Ultimate Strongman 2019.

Doing this sport at the highest level with my brother Luke makes it that extra special!
Training, travelling the world
and competing against each other is amazing!

We push each other to limits we didn't think we could and having the crown WORLDS STRONGEST BROTHERS is an achievement we are proud of

Massive things are coming for myself so stay tuned,

2020 is going get Spicy!


The Highland Oak

I am Luke Stoltman.

and I am the the older part of the World's Strongest Brothers - and the brains and beauty.

I have won Scotlands Strongest Man 5 times.

Competed in the World's Strongest Man 4 years and counting and finished 7th in 2019 where Tom finished 5th making us the first brothers in history to make it to the final of worlds strongest man.

Recently I have made the decision to stop working offshore on oil rigs (something i have done since i was 18). This has improved training massively and I hope 2020 will be an even better year than 2019 was.